On average around 100 people die annually from accidental bathtub drownings. Drowning is also the leading cause of unintentional death in children between the ages of 1-4. Parents want to keep their children safe at all times, but whenever children are around water, even just a couple of inches, parents need to keep a close watch. Even when babies or toddlers don’t drown, significant injury can occur if left unattended in the bathtub for even just a few seconds. Most incidents happen when children are under two years old, but a water injury or fatality can occur at any age, even when kids know how to swim. Having a baby proofing company in Tampa educate new parents on the risks and safety measures associated with bath time or water time can decrease the likelihood of injury.

How to Bathe a Baby or Toddler Safely

A baby proofing company in Tampa can help you increase the safety of your home, as well as educate on the precautions parents should be taking daily to protect their children. Some of the tips include:

  • Never leave a young child alone near water
  • Allows stay within arm’s length of a child in the bathtub
  • Don’t allow other children to “babysit” toddlers or babies in the bathroom
  • Always empty large buckets of water after use
  • Use locks on the toilet seat to prevent a baby or toddler from falling in while trying to explore

You should also consider using temperature monitors for bathwater and locks on the hot and cold faucets to prevent a toddler from turning the hot water on and scalding themselves. Parents should also become certified in infant and child CPR as soon as they find out they are pregnant so they can take appropriate measures if CPR needs to be performed instead of waiting for the first responders to arrive. 

When you are outside of the home, water safety is also important. Make sure that any caregivers you leave your child with understand the precautions necessary to prevent accidental drowning. If the family is enjoying time on the beach, pool, lake, or boat, always make sure properly fitted flotation devices are available and in good condition. 

A baby proofing company in Tampa is the perfect place to contact if you are unsure of safety measures in your home. These professional companies stay up-to-date on the latest technology for home safety, and can assess your home for dangers and hazards you might not realize are there. 

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