Every parent knows the feeling of terror that happens when you hear your infant or toddler coughing and then choking on something. When this happens, it’s easy for panic to set in, but the most important thing is to remain calm and call 911 so the operator can walk you through life saving measures if necessary. However, after you get the situation under control, and your child is no longer choking or in pain, you should consider calling a baby proofing company in Tampa to assess your home for further choking hazards. 

Home Choking Hazards for Babies and Toddlers

Home is where the heart is, but also where many hazards are within reach of growing babies and toddlers. Upgrading and revisiting your baby proofing around the home will be necessary for the safety of your child as they grow and become more mobile. Babies and toddlers love to explore their world and two of the top ways to do so are through touch and taste. Babies and toddlers will put just about anything inside their mouths, so it is important to know the top choking hazards that could be in your home. 

  1. Foods- There are many foods that are common choking hazards that should be kept out of reach from your toddler including nuts, seeds, fruits with seeds or pits, grapes, popcorn, candy, raw apples or pears, raw vegetables such as carrots, peas, and celery. These foods should be avoided; however, you should always encourage your child to chew all foods completely before swallowing or taking another bite to avoid choking. 
  2. Small Toys- Because toddlers use all of their senses to explore, including taste, they will often put small toys in their mouths such as legos, doll accessories such as Barbie shoes, marbles, small balls, or anything other small pieces. Keeping toys put away can be difficult, especially with multiple children, but it is important to keep these small toys away from baby hands. 
  3. Coins- Pennies, quarters, and other monies are big hazards for choking. They are small, shiny, and can be found all over the house. Coins can fall out of your pockets, you might forget the handful you left on the table, or your toddler could get into your purse and access coins when you aren’t looking. 
  4. Medications- Pills can not only be a choking hazard, but could potentially be fatal to your child if they consume medications they are not prescribed. Always keep medications put away and locked up. 
  5. Other Common Items- There are other common household objects that a baby proofing company in Tampa will warn you about including bottle caps, pop tabs, buttons, paperclips, and anything else that can fit through the opening of a toilet paper roll. 

Getting an assessment of your home completed by a professional baby proofing company in Tampa is one of the top ways to reduce hazards for your child. A baby proofing company can not only assess, but can provide and install any necessary safety equipment your home may need. 

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