Every parent knows how difficult it is to keep a toddler away from the television. Every little kid wants to be up close and personal to the TV, especially when their favorite show is playing. Not only will your television be covered in handprints, you’re constantly worried the television is going to get pulled off the stand and crash onto the floor, or on top of your toddler.  Toddlers can be seriously injured by pulling on or climbing on furniture such as dressers, bookcases, appliances, and more in addition to the television. Most people need to hire a baby proofing company in Tampa just to get a clear picture of how many of these types of hazards are in their home. Luckily, parents and baby proofers can use anti-tip brackets and mounts on most heavy furniture items to hold them steady in place. 

What Are Anti-Tip Brackets?

Anti-tip brackets are made of metal and designed to stop freestanding furniture from tipping over. These brackets are used on oven ranges to prevent them from being pulled over. One of the most common ways children are injured by climbing on the oven range is when they pull down and stand on the door to see what is happening on the stovetop. When there are no brackets installed by a baby proofing company in Tampa, there is a high risk for the oven tipping over on top of the child, along with all of the hot food cooking on top.

Brackets can also be used on dressers, bookcases, and other types of furniture to mount them to the wall and prevent falling over if a toddler is climbing or pulling on the furniture. Mounting your television to the wall is much safer than having a TV stand. A baby proofing company in Tampa can examine your television wall mount and ensure your TV is safe and secure. 

As children get older, they begin to understand danger, but still have little impulse control. Kids will also push their boundaries and participate in dangerous activities they think are fun. Their improved motor skills as they reach age three to five also make them more agile. Kids start climbing higher, getting into harder to reach places, and need even more supervision in many scenarios.  

A baby proofing company in Tampa can stick with families year after year to continually upgrade, reevaluate, and make new plans for protecting children in your home. Professional babyproofers can help to set your mind at ease by helping ensure you have measures in place for safety. 

Baby proofing your home is a job that never stops. Making sure your home is hazard-free must be part of your daily routine to keep your risk for injury low. If you’re ready for a baby proofing assessment in your home, call Beryl Baby Proofing at 813-444-2094.