Falls are the leading cause of injury for kids across the United States with nearly 8,000 children visiting the emergency room daily for accidents. Most slip and falls, like tripping over a stick, may be no big deal for children. However, kids who are able to get into high places like staircases risk sustaining major injuries. One of the best preventative measures recommended by our baby proofing company in Tampa, is using safety gates. 

Types of Safety Gates | Baby Proofing Company

Safety gates are temporarily installed in doorways or staircases to limit access into rooms or high places where children can be hurt. There are many different gates on the market, but some are better to use than others. 

Pressure-Mounted Gates:

When you are needing a quick solution for keeping a crawling baby out of the kitchen when you’ve got a pot on the stove, a pressure-mounted gate is easy to use. These types of safety gates use pressure against walls or doorways to stay upright. Pressure-mounted gates are not ideal when you need a more reliable solution for everyday use and semi-permanent boundaries. 

Hardware-Mounted Gates:

Certain places in your home need a more reliable boundary such as the top and bottom of the staircare. Hardware-mounted gates are held into place using screws and can open and shut like a swinging gate so adults can easily go up and down the stairs, but children are safe. Hardware-mounted gates are also ideal because they swing open and closed eliminating the need to try to step over the gate, or remove and replace as you must with pressure-mounted gates. 

Gates come in many different sizes, including extended length sizes for oversized doorways or openings between rooms. A baby proofing company in Tampa can help you get the right size and model baby gate for the riskiest places in your home. 

Baby proofing experts choose products that are established as safe by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Manufacturers are recommended to meet these standards, but it is not required for products to hit the market. A great babyproofing company in Tampa will only provide or recommend products that meet the most stringent safety requirements. 

Baby gates are one of the top babyproofing tools new parents need, especially as babies become toddlers and start to walk, climb, and run. However, baby gates are only the beginning of protecting your baby and increasing safety measures in your home. Toddlers can find their way over gates as they get older, taller, and stronger, so having multiple safety measures in place in each room is very important. A babyproofing company in Tampa can develop a safety strategy for your home as your child grows. 

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