A parent’s worst nightmare is their baby developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Doctors have not yet discovered a reason for SIDS, and while it is rare, parents cannot help but have anxiety their baby will somehow die in their sleep. One thing your pediatrician and our baby proofing company in Tampa know is creating a safe environment for a sleeping baby is one of the best ways to reduce an infant’s risk of SIDS. 

How to Create a Safe Sleep Environment Using Baby Proofing Company Professionals

Parents want to do everything they can to keep their babies safe and one of the first steps is to provide a safe nursey or sleep environment for their infant. A baby proofing company in Tampa can help new parents complete this checklist to make sure they are doing all they can to create a safe nursery. 

  • Firm Sleep Surfaces- Most parents choose a crib or bassinet for their babies to sleep in; however, pack n plays and portable cribs are other places babies often sleep. Parents should not allow their babies to sleep in their car seats, swings, strollers, activity jumpers, slings or carriers, or other places their baby might fall asleep. Parents should remove babies from swings, car seats, etc., and transition them to their beds when they fall asleep. Infant beds should have firm surfaces whether it is a crib or bassinet, and babies should always lay on their backs.
  • No Blankets, Loose Bedding, or Soft Objects- Your baby may love their super soft, snuggly blanket, but allowing the baby to sleep with blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, and other soft objects dramatically increase their risk of suffocation and SIDS. This also goes for those cute crib bumpers that parents have used to avoid baby bumping into the crib rails, these are now disadvised. 
  • Keep Mobiles Out of Reach- Parents who use a crib mobile should make sure the mobile is out of the baby’s reach. Mobiles can be a choking hazard for babies because of the dangling parts. Some mobiles also have hard, plastic parts that could hurt your baby if they pull the mobile down. You may need to adjust the height of the mobile as your baby learns to sit up and stand up. 

A baby proofing company in Tampa can help new parents with baby proofing their homes, including the nursery. Keeping your kids safe is a big job and one that requires constant updating as your babies become toddlers. Professional baby proofing companies can stay on top of the newest updates, recalls, and safety techniques pediatricians are recommending for nurseries and homes. 

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