Most new parents understand the basics of baby proofing—Keeping cleaning products and medicine locked up and out of reach, doorknob and outlet covers. However, whether you are a first-time parent or a parent of multiples, there are new products coming out for baby proofing constantly, and new home safety techniques that are being backed by pediatricians. Keeping up with innovation can be difficult unless you work for a baby proofing company in Tampa. 

Top Baby Proofing Techniques Parents Forget About

There are many lists online that will help you check off all the baby proofing things you must do to get your home ready to bring home a baby. None of those lists will beat having an expert baby proofing company in Tampa come to your home and uncover all the places you did not think about. 

Some of the top techniques that parents often forget about include:

  • Replacing traditional door stops with baby-proof models that are all one piece
  • Getting rid of or moving grocery store plastic bags out of reach from children 
  • Using non-slip pads to help rugs stay in place
  • Check all house plants for toxicity 
  • Make sure all toys or electronics that use batteries have secure battery compartments
  • Use spout covers on faucets
  • Check all baby furniture such as cribs, swings, rockers, and car seats to see if they meet safety standards and are within their expiration dates
  • Ensure all family-furniture such as bookcases, entertainment centers, television, picture frames, artwork, etc. are mounted securely to the wall and cannot be pulled down
  • Remove all magnets from the fridge
  • Switch to a garbage can that can be locked in a cabinet

If you have found yourself shocked that many of the items on this list are things you also forgot about, a consultation with a baby proofing company in Tampa can help. Having a professional eye on your home can help increase the safety and protection in place so that you can rest easier knowing your baby has a greater chance of staying safe at home. 

Keep your baby’s safety at the top of your priority list by scheduling a consultation with Beryl Baby Proofing at 813-755-1852.