Chances are that the last time you were crawling around your home on your hands and knees was the most recent time you lost your cell phone. However, you were not looking for ways an infant could get injured while you were searching. One thing we know at our baby proofing company in Tampa is that infant injuries can be common, but they are also preventable, especially when you have a professional eye on your home. 

Most Common Infant Injuries | Baby Proofing Company in Tampa

The most common injuries to infants that happen in the home involve water, heat or flame, toxic substances, falling, and choking. The most important thing your infant needs to stay safe in your home is constant supervision. In addition, there are a few remedies that a baby proofing company in Tampa can install in your house to step-up your home safety. 

Preventing In-Home Infant Injuries 

One of the very first things necessary to prevent infant injuries in your home is to have all the right baby proofing safeguards in place. As your baby starts to grow up, crawl, pull up on furniture and begin to learn to walk, these measures will become even more essential to have in place. 

  • The best doorknob covers for high-risk areas such as bathroom and exteriors doors
  • High-quality locks for cabinets, refrigerator, toilets, washer and dryer and any other high-risk spaces that can open such as medicine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and laundry rooms
  • Corner guards on tables, entertainment centers, and other sharp edges 
  • Guards on the crib railing 
  • Move all breakables or hazards out of reach
  • Outlet covers 
  • Making sure all bedding is fitted and no suffocation hazards 
  • Position mobiles out of reach of the infant and avoid toys with strings or ribbons
  • Secure all cables such as cords to the TV, computer, phone chargers, and other electronics, as well as window blind strings
  • Make sure baby gates are property installed 
  • Put screens around fireplaces, radiators, and electric baseboard heaters
  • Turn your hot water heater to a low-medium setting

This list is not exhaustive to all the of baby proofing that may need to happen in your home. A baby proofing company in Tampa will have experience creating custom baby proofing plans for many types of homes and living arrangements. 

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