Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. New additions to the family bring times of happiness and joy, but also times of stress and feeling frantic with all the preparations that must be made. You will need a crib, diapers, baby clothes, toys, bibs, bottles, even a bigger house and dozens of other things including baby proofing items for your house. 

Baby proofing is a task that some parents think they can put off until their baby is crawling or walking, but the truth is there is never too soon a time to start. Babies go from newborn to climbing into and onto everything in sight and a lot of necessary baby proofing can fall through the cracks if you wait until your child is mobile to get started. 

Many new parents wish there was someone they could have hired to get all the baby proofing done for them long before their baby is even born. Luckily, if you have just found out you are going to have a baby you can hire a baby proofing company in Tampa before it becomes wishful thinking. 

What Does a Baby Proofing Company in Tampa Do?

Injuries and accidents send children to the emergency room all the time with suffocation and airway obstruction injury being the number one cause of unintentional death in children under one year old. When it comes to nonfatal injuries, falling sends 8,000 children to the emergency room daily. A baby proofing company in Tampa can help you prevent these accidents from happening to your child. 

Baby Proofing Assessment- The first step to professional baby proofing is to have an assessment of your home completed. A licensed home inspector from a baby proofing company in Tampa will walk through your home room by room to find hazards using a checklist completed by engineers. Many inspectors will find risk factors that parents never would have thought to neutralize in their home. After the inspection is complete, a detailed assessment will be provided to the parents that identifies hazards that could injury your child related to:

  • Fire hazards
  • Electrical safety
  • Entrapment risk 
  • Falling hazards
  • Choking risks 
  • Drowning risks 
  • Poisonous products and plants 
  • Pool safety 
  • Crib safety
  • Carbon Monoxide detection

A baby proofing company in Tampa will create a custom home safety plan to mitigate these dangers. 

Baby Proofing Installation- The custom home safety plan will include all the products a parent needs to have high-quality safety mechanisms in their home. Parents can hire the baby proofing company in Tampa to help them pick the best products for their home and complete the installation using professional skills!

Baby proofing companies will help you save time and money by installing the best products that will last as long as you need them and help your child avoid trips to the emergency room as often as possible. 

If you need baby proofing services in Tampa, call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-537-6836.